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So your tickling that Solidity code?... Or another chain maybe? From beginners to advanced level, we have many ongoing workshops, internal projects or ventures to help you level up your skills, network and career.

We have an ever evolving stack of tools

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We ship fast, we break things, we test and iterate. Whether you're a junior or seasoned product manager, there IS a project that needs you in the community.
You will work along talented developers and designers to ship cutting edge product, including exploration on Web3 and AI key features.

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So you're getting started with Figma?... Or maybe you're an Illustrator or After Effect guru already? For every project we have within the community, Designers are key players! Join to level up your game and take part into great tech ventures.

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Tech founders are at the center of this community. They present, refine and bootstrap their ideas until they find the holy market/fit. This community will help gathering feedback, ship faster, raise early stage funds and scale. When your project is selected, it gets a $PEAK grant to fuel the work of the contributors working on it.

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AI developers are the fuel of tomorrow's application ecosystem. Events, workshops and early ventures are available for new joiners and advanced professionals willing to sharpen their game. We even have our own tools, self-hosted models and GPU processing power at our disposal!

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Web developers are essential to every single project carried out by the community. Joining WIM is an opportunity to collaborate, gain insights, and actively shape tomorrow's best tech products. Full stack with WIM means also a challenging role where you explore cutting edge tech by interfacing with Web3 and AI components.

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From brand content to growth hacking, marketing automations or community management, WIM marketers have already done wonders! Multiple projects are always on the way for beginners and advanced professionals to join the crew and contribute to top notch Web3 and AI products.
Joining WIM is also an oath taken to exploring new generation marketing. Tokenized communities, AI-generated content, new automated processes... Be ready to take off.

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Web3 Island Makers is a journey that's open to beginner levels, including students willing to flirt with the most promising tech products. It's an ideal place to connect, gain hands-on knowledge, and prepare for leadership roles in the evolving digital world.

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Investors have the opportunity to fuel Web3 Island Makers in 2 ways: direct investment in the community ventures or investment in the DAO itself. Both ways, they're placing their funds into a top-skilled community of builders at the edge of technology.
Team already has a solid background in early-stage fundraising and decentralized financing.

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We build an ecosystem for tech entrepreneurship

Giving anyone the opportunity to thrive in their career by exploring new technologies in Web3 and Artificial Intelligence.

Oh yeah, and we do this from the Canary Islands 🏝️💙


Our ecosystem is made up of a diverse and talented group of builders, each with their own unique skills and expertise. Together, we are working to create a new and innovative economy on the Canary Islands.


We're a passionate team of experts working together to make the web3 ecosystem flourish